Why Social Media is Important For Small Businesses!

By | June 12, 2023

Business is changing and the internet and social media offer opportunities only dreamed of years ago. Businesses are backing off aggressive advertising campaigns in favor of directly connecting with their customers and the general public. Small businesses really benefit from social advertising, which expose you to a worldwide audience at very little cost.

It’s important to become involved in social media both for exposure and to interact with your customers. Twitter and Facebook have many businesses, big and small, that use that media to provide customer service, product education and to forge a more personal link with their clients.

When you interact with people on social media sites you can get immediate feedback on your products, the way you do business and even your employees. Since social media is fast becoming a daily part of our lives, maintaining an online presence can be a very cost effective way to put your business out there where people can see it.

The secret to a successful social media presence is to put your product aside and interact with people. They already know you own a business and they can familiarize themselves with your product through your website. What your website can’t do is put a human face and personality forward. In this impersonal world, people are more apt to do business with someone they know than a stranger. When you interact with the public through Facebook, Twitter or other sites you become human and accessible.

Social media also allows you to speak directly to your customers. Many large companies are now parking their customer service departments on Facebook and Twitter for good reason; people are increasingly impatient with long waits and time consuming attempts to get hold of someone to help them. Being available on social media lets them contact someone immediately-instant gratification!

Social media will also allow you to answer questions about your product, educate people on how to use it or keep them advised of new uses and developments in the field. Some very successful entrepreneurs use social media sites to talk less about their product and concentrate on helping the people know the company and its people. For instance, you can twitter about a cause you care about and link to a relevant website. The people who support that cause will give you their business because they feel a kinship with you.

You’ll also be able to find out what people think of your business and your product or service. People will often post a message on the internet when they would not call on the telephone or write a letter or email. Knowing how the public views your business will clue you in on what you’re doing right, things you should change and what you should do more of.

Twitter can be used to advertise your brand to a world-wide audience. Not only that but your twitter username will appear in search engines and gain you even more exposure. Sites like Yelp let you create a local listing for your business so people can find you. Local social networks like this are great for business. And businesses in North Georgia and Western North Carolina are no different. Businesses in these areas from Murphy, NC to Cartersville, GA, Blairsville, GA, Gainesville, GA, and everywhere in-between should be taking advantage of these social media outlets. There are companies that can help you with your social media in North Georgia and Western North Carolina. Find one you like and have them help you with your social media campaign.